Milan Noordhoek

Energetic • Colorful • Exclusive

My goal is to make contemporary art more attractive to the younger generations in our societies. I make use of figurative and easy to understand images. By applying bright and primary colorful colours I try to make a strong appeal to young people and make art more accessible as items to enjoy. The ultimate objective is to encourage people not to refrain from expressing themselves. Too many people do not dare to step outside mainstream trends and stay within generally accepted values and do’s and dont’s. Personally, I have learned how rewarding it is to put my moods and emotions of daily life on canvas whilst not care too much what other people think of it.

The artistic talent I possess is not terra incognita. With several professional artists in my family, inspiration has always been close by. I have been painting for a number of years. Usually I work under my own business name “Milan-Art” or “MilanTheArtist”. I was born and raised in Ede and  currently work from my studio in Utrecht.

Impressive images on high-quality linen canvas with an aluminium frame are at the heart of all of my paintings. The size of my paintings range from 100X100 to 300X200 (cm). All works carry a title or theme. In my works I use modern techniques like  palette knives and paint sprays. This give the works their distinctive energetic appearance.The use of spray paint techniques also allow for and create unique vibrant contrasts and shadow effects.

Milan creates a unique style by combining austere backdrops and expressive representations of characters on the forefront. With the use of shadow techniques and colour transitions, a threedimensional effect is created. Daring, energetic and colourful; those are thekey words for my paintings. Milan’s work creates an atmosphere of recognitionin a lively and dynamic day-to-day life. It allows people to complete their own imagination. This is caused by the seemingly low level of detailing at first sight. Recurring examinations will give more detail and bring new experiences and appreciations of my art.   

Over the years, I have successfully participated in a number of projects, including major expositions. In 2016 I have had my own exposition in collaboration with First Class Art. A wide range of objects,  have been produced; including an entire car during the Art & Food festival. The media has praised Milan a couple of times and they see a promising future ahead of him.